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"Bildungslotse" is an online service which aims at mapping the educational landscape of our region. Compiling its vast choice in the field of education, including culture, sport and leisure activities, "Bildungslotse" will be making it easier for our users to gain access to different offers allocated by educational institutions, associations or social organisations. Bildungslotse addresses all citizens irrespective of their age or gender, whether they are professionals or looking for personal information, such as searching for local schools or different types of counselling.

All offers presented here are publicly accessible and located in the district of Stade.

  • "Bildungslotse" is providing orientation for anyone who is interested in education and respective offers in the region of Stade
  • "Bildungslotse" enables our users to quickly spot each educational institution and illustrates their range of offerings
  • "Bildungslotse" paints the vivid picture of a diverse and animate educational landscape

Discover the various opportunities the district of Stade has to offer - The search function will help you navigate through the offerings in order to show you exactly what you have been looking for.